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Cutting-edge core technology achieves the lowest cost of air compression

High-pressure Belt Piston Air Compressor-30BAR

The main parameters:

Output power: 37-110kw

Air flow: 3-10m3/min

Maximum working pressure: 3Mpa


Overview Product Range

Wan Beardsley medium and high pressure compressor and system applied in the air, nitrogen, natural gas and inert gas compression, follow the international standard design, the implementation of strict design principles and quality standards. For more than 10 years, as a professional supplier, high pressure system in,Wan Beardsley for medium and high pressure gas compression field to provide design, engineering, manufacturing,testing and commissioning,to provide customers with one-stop service. Comprehensive product line,high pressure compressor in,working pressure as high as 50mpa,flow range from 0.1m³/min-10 m³/min. Meet the needs of diversification.

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Technical Features

Host Machine: Air-cooled mainframe, especially for medium and high pressure air and gas complex demanding applications such as environment and design. Multistage compression, reduce the load per level; Single action, deep fin cylinder, increase the unit operation reliability. Carefully chosen intake valve and exhaust valve and relief valve is suitable for various cases of operating conditions. The heavy-duty inlet filter with silencer cleans the air or other gases entering the system.

Lubrication: Lubrication oil pump drive system, provide perfect lubrication for each moving parts.Lubricating oil system pressure is strictly monitored, ensure perfect lubrication unit.Oil filter for oil filtering precision, to ensure the safety of units.

Cooling: High efficiency cooling system, low exhaust temperature of the whole machine.
Air/water cooler flexible configuration according to the application requirement.
Interstage cooler and final cooler integration as a whole, main shaft drives the fan cooler and host for forced. cooling.Each compression stage is equipped with a cooler and automatic condensate drain between stages.

Technical Advantages: provide standard control system, can also be tailor-made according to customer requirements unique control system.Thanks to reload design, han weft compressor in both continuous running and intermittent work conditions, can be highly efficient and stable work.

Technical Parameters

Model Air flow(m³/min) Pressure(Bar) series number of cylinders Power (kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
WB3-30 3 30 2 3 37 1800*960*1200 1000
WB5-30 5 30 2 5 55 2100*1140*1570 1450
WB8-30 8 30 3 6 90 3100*2000*1900 4500
WB10-30 10 30 3 6 110 3100*2000*1900 4650




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