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Cutting-edge core technology achieves the lowest cost of air compression

Low Pressure Compressor(PMD-2S)

The main parameters:

Output power: 22-250kw

Air flow: 6.25-61m3/min

Maximum working pressure: 0.5Mpa


Constant pressure control

AVF permanent magnet variable frequency screw compressors can sustain the supply at the pressure of 0.1 bar in any loading conditions. In case of larger demands for air supply, the compressor can increase its rotation speed without changing the compressor can reduce its rotation speed without changing the pressure to meet such demands. In case of no demands for air supply, the compressor will switch to sleep mode to save energy. When actual pressure achieves the wakening standard, the compressor will immediately start up with rapid response of frequency converters even in sleep mode.

High efficiency imported host

  • Advanced and energy saved spiral tooth type technology
  • New-type 5:6 asymmetrical rotator tooth type
  • German screw compressor with large rotator and low rotation speed
  • Adopt top-level quality SKF taper-roller bearing imported with original packaging from Sweden
  • Relative power increases by more than 5%-10% in gas discharge when compared with that of ordinary machine model

Permanent magnetic motor

1.Reasonable structure and high power density
2.Very small rotator inertia and very fast response speed
3.Ultrahigh intrinsic coercive rare earth permanent magnetic material with strong anti demagnetizing capacity
4.Possible constant torque output within scope of locked rotator and rated rotating speed
5.Special asymmetrical magnetic circuit design, making low-rotating-speed torque ripple small
6.High balancing precision, stable and high-speed operation, low noise and small vibration
7.Full-sealed or high protection-grade appearance structural desig


1、 Punching uses high-performance low-loss silicon, we conduct simulation analysis of mechanical strength with finite element method so as to make rotator inertia reach the minimum on the condition that enough mechanical rigidity and mechanical strength.
2、Rotator magnetic steel adopts high-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic material to form sine wave air-gap field.
3、Axial flow uses the processing method of embedded bond, which simultaneously meets requirements of optical axis and bond axis.


1、Punching uses high-performance low-consumption silicon steel sheet;
2、Insulation grade of enameled wire is grade C and integral insulation is grade F;
3、Shell uses high-intensity aluminum profile shell, appearance and air flue are confirmed by final optimization through finite element temperature field analysis with large temperature gradient and good heat dissipation effect;pressure to guarantee the air volume. In case of lower demands for air supply

High-performance frequency converter

The compressor adopts infinite volume control air inlet system. It could operate without magnetic valve. Built-in function of the check valve can reduce malfunctions. The compressor is free from unloading process and shows higher energy efficiency. This compressor can operate at frequencies from 0-300HZ and realize high energy efficiency in real sense.

List of ingress protection:

Ingress Protection
IP65Dust tight.No ingress of dust.
Protected against jets of water.Limited ingress permitted.
IP54Dust protected.Limited ingress of dust permitted.Will not interfere with operation of the equipment.
Protected against water splashes from all directions. Limited ingress permitted.
IP23Protected against a solid object greater than 12.5mm such as a finger.
Protected against sprays of water up to 60 degrees from the vertical.Limited ingress permitted.

Technical Parameters





Air folw/pressure Outlet size Noise Unit weight(KG) Unit size(mm)
WZS-22PMD-2S 22 6.25m³/0.5MPa RP1 1/2 66±3 1350 1800x1270x1550
WZS-30PMD-2S 30 7.2m³/0.5MPa RP1 1/2 66±3 1550 1800x1270x1550
WZS-37PMD-2S 37 10m³/0.5MPa RP1 1/2 68±3 1900 1800x1270x1550
WZS-45PMD-2S 45 12m³/0.5MPa RP2 68±3 2100 1800x1270x1550
WZS-55PMD-2S 55 13.8m³/0.5MPa RP2 70±3 2200 2100x1360x1660
WZS-75PMD-2S 75 18.5m³/0.5MPa DN65 70±3  


WZS-90PMD-2S 90 23m³/0.5MPa DN65 72±3  


WZS-110PMD-2S 110 28m³/0.5MPa DN80 72±3  


WZS-132PMD-2S 132 32.5m³/0.5MPa D270N80 72±3 3500 3200x1750x2250
WZS-160PMD-2S 160 41m³/0.5MPa DN125 74±3 4100 3200x1750x2350
WZS-185PMD-2S 185 45m³/0.5MPa DN125 74±3 4500 3800x2150x2250
WZS-200PMD-2S 200 50m³/0.5MPa DN150 76±3 5100 3800x2150x2250
WZS-220PMD-2S 220 54m³/0.5MPa DN150 76±3 6200 3800x2250x2250
WZS-250PMD-2S 250 61m³/0.5MPa DN150 78±3 6600 4200x2250x2400




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