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Combined Dryer

The main parameters:

Air flow: 1.2-85m3/min


Working principle

The combined type of low dew point compress-ed air dryer (for short: combined dryer) is a lowdew point drying equipment which is two in one ofthe freezing air dryer and the adsorption dryer. The freezing dryer has the advantages of no airloss and low energy consumption. And the adsor-ption dryer has the advantages of low dew point. The low dewpoint dryer developed by our company combines the advantagesof the freezing air dryer and the adsorption dryer.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
Rated air inlet temperature :<45°C
Rated working pressure:7bar (Range of application:6-10bar)
Environmental temperature: air cooling type>2°C,38°C<water cooling type>2°C, <45°C
Pressure dew point:-40°C to 70°C
Regenerating mode:DSZ type: heatless regenerationDSZG type: micro-heating regeneration
Control mode: individual control or on-line control
Air consumption of regeneration:3%-5%
Adsorbing agent: activated aluminum oxide
Oil content of inlet air<0.1mg/m3
Installation mode: no indoor foundation, leveled concrete floor

Combined Dryer chart

Compressed Air Configuration Chart

Technical Parameters

Model Air handling capacity


Power supply(V/Hz) Air tube caliber Cooling water circulation (Nm3/h) Weight(kg) Boundary dimensions Length,width and height(mm)
WZS-1CD 1.2 220/50 Rp1″ 180 1060*710*1450
WZS-2CD 2.4 240 1060*710*1600
WZS-3CD 3.8 Rp1.5″ 335 1120*710*1600
WZS-6CD 6.5 475 1450*1120*1850
WZS-8CD 8.5 Rp2 560 1450*1120*2150
WZS-10CD 10.7 380/50 2 850 1450*1320*2150
WZS-13CD 13.5 2.5 950 1600*1320*2350
WZS-15CD 17 DN65 3 1060 1600*1320*2350
WZS-20CD 23 DN80 3.7 1320 1800*1400*2500
WZS-25CD 27 4.4 1700 2000*1500*2900
WZS-30CD 33 5.9 2200 2000*1500*2900
WZS-40CD 45 DN100 7.4 2750 2200*1600*2950
WZS-50CD 55 DN125 9.5 3350 2200*1600*2950
WZS-60CD 65 11.1 3900 2360*1700*2950
WZS-80CD 85 13 5060 2500*1800*2950




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