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Cutting-edge core technology achieves the lowest cost of air compression

Refrigerated Dryer

The main parameters:

Output power: 0.4-7.5kw

Air flow: 1. 3-42m3/min

Maximum working pressure: 13Mpa


Product features

  • Provides drier compressed air.
  • High efficiency plate-fin heat exchanger: the inlet and outlet temperature difference is as low as 5 °C.
  • Efficient water removal, small volume, high efficiency, and filtration efficiency of 99%.
  • The compressed air relative humidity at the outlet is as low as 25%.

More energy efficient

  • Compared with the same amount of shell and tube dryer, the energy consumption can be reduced by 50%.
  • More optimized refrigeration system.
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  • Automatically detects compressed gas flow and intelligent standby operation.

More reliable

  1. Industrial grade original Panasonic / Copeland / Danfoss refrigeration compressor.
  2. The digital display truly combines dew point display with fault alarm.
  3. Optimized tube design, basic maintenance, dust removal, cleaning takes no effort.
  4. Each machine is tested for nitrogen, compressed air, helium and refrigerant three levels of leakage before leaving the factory.

Technology Adopted

The key to the moisture content of compressed air is the dew point temperature. The temperature of the dew point determines the amount of water in the air. The dew point temperature of the compressed air depends on the evaporation temperature of the refrigeration system. The evaporation temperature of therefrigeration system has a large relationship with the vacuum degree of the refrigeration system. When the vacuum degree of the refrigeration system is not high, the evaporation temperature of the system will rise, the dew point temperature of the compressed air will also increase, and the moisture content of the air will also increase. At the same time, the energy consumption of the refrigerated compressed air dryer will also increase.

Wan Beardsley's refrigerated compressed air dryer uses a secondary vacuum process. The degree of vacuum in the refrigeration system is less than 200Pa. Wan Beardsley's refrigerated compressed air dryer has a vacuum of less than 5Pa.

Simple operation

WAN BEARDSLEY is committed to creating an efficient, energy-saving and cost-effective machine for the market. The WZS series has been launched on the market with these missions. The new electronic monitor can control and manage the main functions of the machine, from very simple to complex. For example, high temperature and low pressure alarms, no-load intelligent standby operation, thus achieving unexpected gains for users. The intelligent switch button is easy to operate and ectively prevents frequent starts. The fully intelligent control system can realize the cold quantity control under different loads and rational use. Intelligent detection of small load or no load, automatic sleep, automatic operation when there is load, extend the life of the machine can also achieve 30% energy saving of similar dryers. Real digital dew point display for real-time monitoring of operational status.

  1. Refrigeration compressor
  2. Air-cooled condenser
  3. Fan
  4. Evaporator
  5. Gas water separator
  6. Drain valve
  7. Expansion valve
  8. Dry filter
  9. Gas-liquid separator
  10. Air heat exchanger
  11. Dew point display
  12. High voltage protection switch

Technical Parameters

Model Gas volume Refrigerant Maximum power Power supply Maximum working pressure Dimensions Weight Air inlet and outlet
Nm3/min W V/PH/HZ Bar L*W*H kg Size
WZS013E 1.3 R134A 400 230/1/50 13 550*370*704 30 G3/4
WZS025E 2.5 R134A 480 230/1/50 13 550*370*704 35 G3/4
WZS040E 4 R-22 1000 230/1/50 13 600*600*1060 75 G1
WZS070E 7 R-22 1300 230/1/50 13 600*600*1060 95 G1 1/2
WZS085E 8.5 R-22 1700 230/1/50 13 650*650*1100 105 G1 1/2
WZS095E 9.5 R-22 1700 230/1/50 13 650*650*1100 120 G1 1/2
WZS0120E 12 R-22 2100 230/1/50 13 850*750*1160 150 G 2
WZS0150E 15 R-22 2900 230/1/50 13 1200*750*1300 160 G 2
WZS0180E 18 R-22 3300 230/1/50 13 1200*750*1300 170 G2 1/2
WZS0240E 24 R-22 3900 380/3/50 13 1300*810*1300 270 G2 1/2
WZS0290E 29 R-22 5400 380/3/50 13 1450*850*1200 280 G3
WZS0380E 38 R-22 7200 380/3/50 13 1500*1050*1300 295 G3
WZS0420E 42 R-22 7500 380/3/50 13 1500*1050*1300 335 G3




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